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Jan. 19: Government shutdown myths, legends, and lies

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Jan. 16: Trump can't be shamed into making a DACA deal

Jan. 12: Billionaire Prince Alwaleed is running out of time to make a deal

Jan. 11: Big Oil throws California's climate change hypocrisy right back in its face

Jan. 10: Bernie Sanders is still all talk, no action

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Jan. 8: Oprah can help the Democrats, but not as a candidate

Jan. 8: Crazy? Trump should only be judged by his policies

Jan. 4: Trump's best ally in Congress is Chuck Grassley

Jan. 3: Steve Bannon's 'treason' comments won't hurt Trump

Jan. 3: "Senator" Romney could save health insurance

Jan. 3: Iranian protesters need Trump to keep tweeting


Dec. 29: Trump's next goal should be slashing foreign aid

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